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After selling service

After-sales service undertaking

      The company adheres to the rules of satisfying the users , searching high product quality, considerate service, the most preferential prices, in order to carry out those purposes, the Hongan Group’s commitments are as follows:
      ●  Commitments of product quality
           √ The process of manufacturing and testing strictly comply with ISO-9001, each procedure has the quality and inspecting records to insure the traceability of each reel of product.
           √ The all raw materials of manufacturing products are purchased from the famous brands to insure the high reliability and stability of products. We welcome the users to the company to inspect the process.
      ●  Commitments of delivery
           √ The date of delivery: We would deliver the products according to the contracts. If the usrs have the special demands, we could arrange the manufacturing to the full extent of satistying the customer needs.
           √ The company will supply the documents as follows when it deliveries the procuts.
                       A.The inspecting documents
                       B.The certificate of products
                       C.The structural drawing of products
                       D.The explanations of using , contructing and maintaining.
      ●  commitments
           √ Tenets: Be rapid, exact, considerate and thorough services.
           √ Target: To satisfy the usrs
           √ Efficiency: The period of product warranty is 3 years. During this period, we will response in one hour and arrange personnel to arrive the scene after receiving the user’s telephones.
           √ Contents of service: During the warranty of products, we shill exchange the products owning the flaws of raw materials and manufacturing; The service will be 24hr.×7 every week by telephone for fault diagnosis.
           √ We should supply the accessories, contructing tools, manufacturers and other information of products.
           √ We will supply the services of training relative items and personal and some contents accoring to the customer’s demands.
           √ The excess of warranty of products, the technical personal will visit customers at least three times every year for collecting the information about the customer’s views, quality of products and some other situations.  

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